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Just under two generations ago, the new CEO of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs, changed Apple’s business and the creative world forever. He charged every citizen on the planet to think, create, dream and enable possibilities for their work, art and life, to : Think different.
In small steps, over the last 16 years, everyone with the help of new technology tools, have embraced the opportunity of thinking differently, creating ideas and making their dreams happen.

As a studio that makes its living from helping clients and people create creative work, our traditional ways of making a living have been undermined. We felt it timely to : Think different too, and shape our studio and offerings with a future.
Work Art Life by Studio Pip and Co. was born.
Our communication approach responds to the basic factors of living : our work, our art and our life. Our work is more than design briefs dropping in our laps, the latest design trend, or an improved technology product; it is an approach in tune with a creative client wanting work with purpose, skill and vision. Proof of our approach, is not lip service, it is an idea embedded in every project we do – from client projects to private commissions, collaborations with like studios to our university sessions, our studio products to public thought pieces.
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