Why choose Pip and Co?

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In 1994 we changed OZ arts marketing forever – Australian Chamber Orchestra

In 1999 we rebranded a leading global financial company – Computershare

Web visits grew by 600%, ticket sales 12% in four months – Moonlight Cinema 2006/07

New retail campaign in roll out mode – Jardan Furniture, April 2010

We appreciate that our work and our approach can appear to be like a fantastic ride at the fair ground (there is much to see, experience and we are excited about what we do), and for you out their, our potentials in client land, it may be a little difficult to know how, where and why you and your stake holders should jump on board and join us …
Tell your teams, boards, management and stakeholders we offer your products and brands way more marketing punch than your typical jobbing design studio or über creative shop, to start with we :

  • help clients generate more awareness for their products, services and brands
  • sell out events, exceed projections
  • attract more eyeballs, visits and swamp call centres
  • develop valuable and memorable Australian brands
  • assist our client’s to discover their marketing potential and grow
  • offer clients real value for marketing spend
  • are focused and exploit the potential of creative thinking
  • take the mystery out of developing great creative thinking
  • we are a leading creative force.

We spend much of our energy researching and understanding our audiences and market, then we develop communications which connect with markets whilst adapting to changing market conditions.
In recent years we have:

  • Named, positioned and rolled out one of Australia’s most successful emerging paper brands that hit annual sales targets in six months, became a leading brand in just 18 months, the brand was then developed for the Europe and South Africa – Stephen by Spicers, Saxton and Optix for Australian Paper.
  • We have worked very hard with long standing client Jardan Furniture to establish this design and manufacturer as one of Australia’s leading mid range furniture brands – if you don’t believe us just open any recent design and lifestyle publication or blog Vogue Living, Belle, Inside Out, The Good Weekend – Jardan’s design vision and furniture is everywhere.
  • made successful event campaigns and communications a studio specialty. Over several years we created numerous memorable campaigns for leading cultural festivals, design awards and festivals, International music competitions, national conferences, and national outdoor cinema’s. For clients – Moonlight Cinema, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Chamber Music Australia, The State of Design, the National Design Centre, the Australian Graphic Design Association and the Australian Institute of Architecture. Rain, heatwaves, and volcanoes won’t stop us attracting more website visits, tickets sales, sponsorship growth or increased brand recognition.
  • We not only make communication work, we also brainstorm and make content, products and brands. In 2004 we realised and dreamed up Australia’s first design market – the Melbourne Design Market, The Australian Poster Annual, we edit design publications, we write conference speeches, we themed events, we dream up new marketing tools, we create client pop-up concepts, developed numerous brands and have devised new ways in which clients can make brands and communications.
  • Our approach to communications and design has attracted numerous industry accolades, industry speaking engagements and media profiling around the world. Our website attracts over 25,000 unique visits, or 250,000 hits, each month, from people all around the world.

Our diverse capabilites cover:

  • communication planning and strategies
  • brainstorming and idea generation
  • brand and corporate identity design
  • advertising communications
  • print communication design
  • digital / new media design
  • social media services
  • environmental design, way finding and signing systems
  • packaging design
  • object design
  • event communication
  • naming and naming systems
  • copy writing and plain English editing
  • image making
  • print management and consulting

Studio Pip and Co. is committed to creating the best possible results and value with brands and communications devised to stand out and endure the test of an ever-changing future.
We invite you to spend a few moments to explore and discover our work. A detailed credentials, appointments are available upon request, joins us and create success.
Andrew Ashton
Director / Communication designer
Andrew works directly with clients, drives the communication research and approach, manufacturing partners, develops projects and drives studio practice. Andrew is one of Australia’s leading design and communication consultants.

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